Friday, June 1, 2007

handing down the good stuff

The grandkids take after me, well maybe except for the band geek (just like grandpa Buddy), and maybe the getting in trouble stuff…

But all the good stuff - like awards - all comes from me!

Awards were handed out last week, this about sums it up:

Sarah - 7th grade - honor roll, excellence in Science and Health, and of course the aforementioned Best Trombone Player in the 7th grade.

Kyle - 6th grade - Excellence in Literacy and AR (accelerated reader)

Madison - 4th grade - Honor roll, top Girl Scout cookie seller in her troop

Since school starts back in a mere 10 weeks, anticipation will soon begin for next year, in fact Madison was already heard saying, "I can't wait 'til open house!"

Things to look forward to next school year:

Sarah will be in the oldest class at middle school, one of the top dogs, upperclassmen.

Madison will be in the oldest class at elementary school, another one of the top dogs, etc. Our local elementary school provides many opportunities for the students to participate and interact. The 5th grade class traditionally helps out around the school, in the kindergarten, in the lunchroom.

Madison is already signed up to be the Newscaster for the second 9 weeks on the morning school TV news - lookout Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric, and our favorite Robin Meade on CNN.


Motherkitty said...

What great grandkids you have -- so talented, so enthusiastic, so versatile, and so "interested" and eager about school. Congratulations on all their awards. I know how proud they make you feel.

No baby yet. She's still 3 cm. and still running errands, going out, cleaning house, doing things. I told her not to bend over (that's how her water broke with the first baby) unless she wants to hurry things along a little. I can't believe she could be dilated 3 cm and not have any real contractions!!! Will advise everyone when the big day arrives.

BTW, we have been the recipients of ash and smoke (bad air) from the forest fires in GA and FL. Every day our vehicles, deck, and deck furniture are covered with a reddish ash and we can smell wood smoke every night. Hope they get a handle on all the fires pretty soon and I hope for all our sakes that we get some rain really, really soon. We are dry as a bone and our no burn ordinances are in place. Have you been affected very much by all the fires?

L. xxooxx

jellyhead said...

These are some seriously talented and good-lookin grandkids! No wonder you like to take all the credit!

Hope you're having a happy weekend.