Thursday, May 3, 2007

taking it all off

Attending Weight Watchers has provided many lessons...

Enlightening - Learning the point value of foods, I looked up one of my favorites back in the day - Taco Bell Nachos Belle Grande, which adds up to a whole day's worth of points.

Inspirational - Listening to the stories around the room - the one lady who could barely walk before, and now that she has lost 100 pounds, she walks 4-5 miles every day, and the lady that was scheduled for back surgery, but after the weight loss no longer needs it.

Social - We met 80 year old Mildred who can't wait to go out to eat after the meeting. She told us about her son who grew up with one of our favorite local performers (James Rogers), how they used to compete in local talent contests.

Planning - Of course drink your 8 glasses of water a day (1/2 gallon!) but stop drinking several hours before your weigh-in, did you know water weighs 8.3 pounds/gallon?

Creativity - One girl comes in fully clothed (from work, maybe?) and immediately goes into the restroom, coming out wearing a tank top and shorts and barefoot. She weighs in and goes back to get dressed.

Hmmm, that's a thought. Every week wear one item less…. Kind of like playing strip poker. Gee, I wonder how long this is going to take? This could get embarrassing…


jellyhead said...

This strip poker idea of yours could bring a whole new meaning to the term Weight *Watchers*!!

Sandy said...

Isn't jelly funny?

When I attended WW we also had ladies that stripped down to practically their underware to weigh in. I always made sure I wore the lightest clothes I had and took my shoes off to weigh. I need to go back because WW works. Although I still have my point books, could I possibly lose weight on my own??? I don't think so because I like the competition & the little rewards and recognition.