Monday, May 14, 2007

the good daughter

She slaved over a hot stove
to make dinner for her mom

She ordered personalized gifts
for her mom way in advance
Instead of picking up something
the night before at walmart.

She even gave her sister a present
for being her kids' Two-Mama.

She sets good examples for her kids
But did they remember her?

One gave her a picture colored in class,
the other said 'I lost your present,'
yet another said in passing,
'oh yeah, happy mother's day'.

Daughter, the dinner was delicious,
And I love all the presents

Thank you for everything you do
for everyone you know.

And, yes, just like my new t-shirt says,
I am going to blog about this.


jellyhead said...

Susan, I guess this is about Melissa?

She sounds like a wonderful woman, and I hope her kids make it up to her with some special words or thoughtful gestures over the coming days.

I'm glad to hear you got some good spoiling yourself :)

Melissa said...

Thanks mom! Hubby did get the air conditioner fixed so that is a wonderful mother's day present!

janet said...

Melissa you are a good girl, if I had a daughter I'd want her to be just like you. :)

Vicky aka stichr said...

I kmow my girlies would find that t-shirt perfect for moi also. Then we would need to find one for my oldest girlie [18], "I SO have to MySpace that!!", and one for the youngest, [16], "I know, I know....You are going to Blog-Space that"...

And there we have a whole new wardrobe!

oh...BTW...I am SO blogging this....*VBG*