Tuesday, May 1, 2007

amusing ourselves

Mystery Mine - the newest ride at Dollywood. While waiting almost an hour, we noticed that we were the probably the oldest folks in line. The new roller coaster is an awesome ride, but the nearby Thunderhead wooden coaster is still our favorite.

Later in the day, we were close to the youngest in the hour wait line for the Irish show 'Rhythm of the Dance'. I guess we are at that in-between age, not too old for the roller coasters, but looking for that park bench afterwards.

Lots of good rides and shows, lots of people. The little amusement park in the mountains is no longer a well kept secret.


The Calico Cat said...

I was near there once & had every intention of going, but I never "found" it - I only found the outlets...

Sandy said...

I went to Dollywood when it was first built and there were hardly any rides. I never went back, but now it sounds like they have more to see. In those early days, you just paid to get in and shop.