Thursday, April 19, 2007

some like it hot

some like it hot

some like it cold

sometimes it depends on the weather

some like it first thing in the morning

some last thing at night

have you ever had it at noon?

How do you like your cereal?

Crispy flakes with cold milk? Creamy oatmeal that warms you up?

Cereal has been a part of our whole lives. Prizes in the cereal box. Saving boxtops to send off for neat stuff. Did you have a superduper decoder ring? Did you make doll cradles out of the round Quaker oatmeal boxes? Were your favorite sports figures on the Wheaties boxes?

Did you know... cereal started with the American Seventh-Day Adventists. Because of their vegetarian beliefs they served thin-baked cereal dough to their patients at the Battle Creek Sanitarium, in Battle Creek, Michigan. Two men, C.W. Post and W.K. Kellogg, saw the commercial potential of the cereal and started their own businesses. The rest, as they say, is history.


The Calico Cat said...

I did not know about the SDA connection (I knew about the Battle Creek bit...)

I like my Life (any version) soggy!
I like my oatmeal thick!
(Those are my favorites - I also eat Special K & Raisin Bran on occasion or Cream of wheat & cooked grape-nuts from the hot side)

I can eat either in either kind of weather... I have even enjoyed cold oatmeal (English style).

I have eaten either at any time of the day!

I have a rule, if you go to a restaurant and breakfast is an option, order breakfast!

doubleknot said...

Nice information on cereal. Didn't know it was first served in a sanatarium. I don't eat cereal because I am lactose intolerant and what is cereal without milk. Have you taken a look at the prices now adays.

Zoey said...

Hi Susan,
I like oatmeal with a tiny dot of butter(real butter) in the center, just a hint of brown sugar and about 1 tablespoon of milk. None of those instant flavored oatmeals either, though the quick cooking kind is fine.
I love to eat it for dinner when I am home alone.
Interesting post!