Tuesday, April 17, 2007

happy daffy birthday

Daffy Duck thhelebratethh hithh thheventieth (70th) birthday today!

Mel Blanc, who gave Daffy hithh voithh, thhaid in hithh autobiography that Daffy'thh extended mandible thheemed to demand a lithhp, henthh the thhpeech impediment. When recording wathh done of Daffy'thh linethh, it wathh played back at a fathter thhpeed.

Daffy hathh appeared in more than 150 cartoonthh and moviethh and he even got to prethhent an Othhcar. One of hithh mothht famouthh epithhodeth wathh entitled "Duck Amuck," with Daffy being tormented by an unthheen animator who thhwitcheth backgroundth and thhoundtrackth and even erathheth bitth of Daffy. The antagonithht turnth out to be archrival Bugth Bunny.

Quote: "That'thh dethh-picable!" — Daffy Duck

~today's spotlight on Answers.com


Motherkitty said...

Tthat's interresthting. Happy thheventieth birththday Daffy, you naughty ducky. (It's difficult to write like Daffy talked.)

Cute post.

KCQuilter said...

Well, who'd a thunk it??? Daffy really holds his age well, don't you think?