Thursday, April 26, 2007

Chattanooga Nature Center

We played tourist last Sunday afternoon and visited the Chattanooga Nature Center. The center participates in the Red Wolf Recovery Program. The red wolves are the most endangered mammal in the United States, with only around 300 in the world.

There were 5 red wolf pups born on April 13th and the center has a live camera in the den so the public can see them.

We walked through the Discovery Forest Treehouse... and were reminded of the treehouse we built about this time last year with the grandkids. We would like to bring them here to see this one, but would that really be a good idea, or spark more construction plans...

We saw lots of wildflowers, plants, trees, and birds, including a red-tailed hawk, owl, eagle, and buzzard.

A great place to visit, I recommend it if you are in the area.

Webshots photo album here

Chattanooga Nature Center web site here

MSNBC article on red wolf recovery here

Local news story on the red wolf pups here

(Note: We took all the pictures except for the wolf ones, we saw the adult wolves but they were behind the fence and in shadow, so pictures are from the Center's website)

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Sandy said...

Susan, Thanks for directing us to another wonderful and interesting place to visit, not too far from home.
You know you are my favorite tour guide...hehehe