Tuesday, February 13, 2007

3rd rock from the sun

1 sun

9 planets - yes, Pluto, too

137 moons

Madison's 4th grade science project - make a model of the solar system no larger than a mailbox.

Over a week was spent shaping planets out of clay, stringing small beads (moons) onto clear string, tape, glue, paint, fabric.

Madison had just a little help and guidance on this one, from mom and aunt Carrie, and they are all are anxiously awaiting their grade, I mean Madison's grade.

The school library is full of various interpretations of our solar system:

"It sounds like the most interesting project they had was edible. The base of background of the solar system was a cake, the planets were make of pancakes, and rings were made out of bits of pancakes, and then they ate the cake yesterday. Madison's best friend brought this in, it had bright blue icing that was all over Madison's face when she got home yesterday." (there's one in every crowd - cake for teacher - the nerve!)

You did a great job girls, I mean Madison! It looks great! I am very proud of you!


Motherkitty said...

Very pretty and clever. Earth looks small and prettily blue in a sea of stars, planets, and moons (sounds like a funny cereal, doesn't it?).

Ah, the days of mothers helping children with their class projects. I miss that so very much.

Motherkitty said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you and Buddy. Hope you two have a wonderful, love-filled day tomorrow.

jellyhead said...

That is one seriously cool science project. Top marks to Madison (and Carrie and Melissa!)

Luna said...

so cute!!!
Happy Valentine´s day!!!

Michael Manning said...

I loved seeing this. In 5th Grade we had a Science Fair Competition. My submision was a model of a Flying Saucer. I happened to be sitting out in the hall (I was bad ...again). The Judges looked like they were from NASA in dress suits. One of them turned my model over and shook his head. Madison's is an A+!!!!

Janet C. said...

I got, I mean my son got an A+ on his solar system science project many years ago. :O
I still have it!