Friday, January 26, 2007

its always something

Watch your step - The turkeys are back again, they come almost daily. Turkey season starts March 24th, so they have a couple of months more to visit. I thought it was really neat seeing them out my window every day in the grass… until one day while crossing the yard I had to do the hopscotch to avoid the generous turkey gifts left behind…

Commercial break - What does it mean when the television shows we are watching have commercials for bladder incontinence, erectile dysfunction, and laxatives? I remember watching shows where the commercials were for fun stuff like Mountain Dew - the one where the young people were jumping into the water from a rope. Maybe we need to change our programing…

Fun words - When Madison was sewing last week, I told her to make sure the edges of the fabric lined up, and that she sewed in a straight line, so her quilt wouldn't be all cattywampus. She laughed out loud, and kept repeating the word over and over, liking the way it sounded. She told me she also liked the words perpendicular and precipitation.

Here's your sign- The headline in the newspaper in nearby Blue Ridge is 'Sixteen stolen county road signs have been recovered, four Fannin County High School students have been charged in the case.' Yep, my old high school - not much has changed, boys will still be boys.

To err is human - I like to keep up on my proofreading skills by reading the local newspaper. I looked at the newspaper online site to see if they indeed had proofreaders working there, and found this listing: Alice Adkins - Proof Reader and Lou Anne Nunn - Proofreader. Enough said. And check out this neat table of proofreaders' marks here.

Walk it off - On CBS Sunday morning, they were touting the health benefits of walking, showing Scott Williamson who hiked 5,310 miles from Mexico to Canada and back on the Pacific Crest Trail. And I thought I did pretty good to do 5 miles !


The Calico Cat said...

I remember that Mt. Dew commercial!

I was wondering what happened & when for the erectile disfunction - it is now E.D.!

John Cowart said...

Knowing that a proofreader ever looks at my copy intimidates me because so much of my stuff is cattywampus.

Motherkitty said...

I used to work at our local newspaper back in the late 1970s and used all those marks. Everyone hates it when they ask me to help them out by reading their writings and I correct the "problems" I see. Then they have the nerve to call me a smart a** and say they will never ask me again. My pet peeve, the use of it's as possessive when it means = it is!!!!

I am finished now.

BTW, I love your observations of life in general. And, my husband uses the word cattywampus quite frequently. It's a great word and those who live in the south automatically know what it means.

Barry said...

Those commercials for, what is it - Lipitror? With the smiling, happy Bob and all the erectile imagery make me cringe and embarrassed when my kids are in the room. Not that they get it, but still.

One of my favorite descriptive words is "conflagration" which is perfectly matched to what it means.

jellyhead said...

I love these tidbits of news....especially the part about the Proof Reader/proofreader!!

bluemountainmama said...

i was reading "peter pan" to my son last night and tinker bell called peter a "nincompoop". my son thought that was the most hilarious word he has ever heard and cackled for several it's his new, favorite word!

Kerri said...

I love reading your reflections. Yep, you can tell it's winter here too! I had the same thing happen with a raccoon digging up my window boxes right after I'd planted them...several years ago now. Your laundry room mural is so neat!
Yes, give me the Mt. Dew commercials any day!
Funny how kids like to steal signs, isn't it? :)
We have lots of turkeys here too.