Friday, December 22, 2006

PK greetings

Here is our PK Christmas Card.

'PK' comes from my sister-in-law, Kay, who would say 'remember the good ol days when we used have time to go camping and hiking - PK (pre-kids)? Now we are back to just the two of us again, so we have added a new meaning to PK - post-kids.

Happy Anniversary to Kay and Kennon - 33 years since that fateful day - enjoy your PK years!

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Motherkitty said...

Happy anniversary to your SIL and brother. Anniversaries are good. We just celebrated our 38th on 12/15. All I have to say is we had a good time with the family that evening.

The kids may have moved out of the house, but grandparents are never post-kids. Our house is still piled with the kids' "stuff" and now we have the grandkids' "stuff" littering up daughter's old bedroom.

Merry Christmas, Susan and Buddy. May Santa visit you tomorrow night and not slip off your red shiny new roof before he delivers your packages. Ho ho ho