Wednesday, November 1, 2006

sounds of the season

falling acorns thumping the roof over our bed
and bouncing on the lonely trampoline
birds fluttering on their way south
dry leaves crunching underfoot
and rattling in the breeze
crackling of a wood fire
chattering squirrels
hooting owls
peace and


Motherkitty said...

Not only are you a poet, but you have the wonderful capacity to make perfect "V"s with your words. Lovely.

KCQuilter said...

Such a poet you are, girl! Thanks for sharing your wonderful talents and your reverence for nature with all of us in Blogland!!!

bluemountainmama said...

some of my favorite sounds! also, the katydids in late summer.

Anonymous said...

I can just feel the cool air as I read this post!

Michael Manning said...

Susan; From one writer to another--nice work! You captured the essence of the season so well. U are klinked BTW!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I can relate to your lovely words...very nicely put and I love the arrangement.

Last week when I was at Shady Oaks where my son lives, the sounds of the acorns falling on the rooftop of the car was deafening, it was so loud and in such frequency that you actually had to duck and cover your head as you walked under the oak trees.

jellyhead said...

Susan, you are a woman of many many talents! Love it!

doubleknot said...

Oh how lovely. I depend on bloggers to take me on these walks I can't do.
Halloween is once a year - why not let the kids have fun and some of he adults dressing up. '
Good luck with your bulbs - it should be an interesting spring.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I have missed blogging.

colleen said...

I love this! And the photo look just like our trampoline! The poem pops with sounds and then winds down!