Tuesday, October 17, 2006

the week that was…

The grandkids were so busy last week that I didn't even get to blog about one thing before two more things happened, so here it is, all together:

Tuesday was the day for the middle school dance - I can't believe Kyle and Sarah are both in middle school… Can we go to the dance? What to wear? I need some money for snacks. Will anyone dance with me? Who will pick us up? Did I say I need money?

Tuesday was also PTA at the elementary school, and the 4th grade had the program. They all dressed in their Halloween costumes and sang and danced. I have to wear my Sacagawea costume, and bring a pumpkin for decoration. It starts at 7, but I have to be there at 6:30, but at 6 is open house, and Mr. Parmer (the principal) is cooking hot dogs for supper, so can we eat supper there? My wig itches! Did I tell you I need a pumpkin?

Thursday morning Melissa was surprised to hear that Sarah was in the Junior Beta Club, and after school that day was a meeting for parents and students…I have to wear 'church clothes' - can we go shopping? At the meeting, Sarah's name was called and her ambitions announced - to get a PhD in forensic science and be a crime scene investigator. Where did this come from? Sounds like too much TV! Cousin Jesse was also in attendance, so a picture was taken of the two for posterity - congratulations and we are proud of you both!

Friday brought early school dismissal for the girls Sarah and Madison, as they were going to see the Cheetah Girls in concert in Atlanta. What a cool mom they have for taking them! Can you imagine an entire concert arena filled with screaming little girls (and parents wishing for earplugs and Tylenol)? The girls were very excited, got the t-shirts!

Saturday was the last football game - well the last regularly scheduled game, if we win this one we will go to the playoffs! But it was not to be, oh well, no more practices several times a week, no more games every Saturday morning (visible relief on Mom's face). It is almost time for wrestling sign-up, did I tell you I want to do that? It will be fun, yes, wrestling is next.

That was the week that was! Made possible by the busy schedule of Sarah, Kyle, and Madison, with the behind the scenes help of MOM - Melissa, who makes sure they are where they need to be at all times, wearing the proper attire whether it be football uniform or dancing clothes, making sure their bellies are full and their faces are washed (well most of the time).


John Cowart said...

Good for you.

"What do you call a man who hangs around dark parking lots late at night"?

The mayor of my city asked me that as we waited for my kids and his grandkids to return from a field trip.

The bus was due in at 1 a.m. but at 2:30 it still had not arrived so we waited in the dark...

"What do you call a man who hangs around a dark parking lot," he asked.

I could not guess the riddle.

"A good father," he said.

jellyhead said...

What busy lives your grandkids lead! I love the comments in italics...made me laugh!

Tell Melissa she looks way too young and gorgeous to be a mother of four (or have I said that before?!)

Finn said...

Hi Susan, whew!! What a busy, busy week!! I can't imagine what it was like for the parents.

But how great to be able to be a grandparent in attendance...priceless. Hugs, Finn who also needs a pumpkin..*G*

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I bet that's just a typical week for your daughter. With four children that certainly would keep any mother busy and on the go, all the time.

Motherkitty said...

Whew! I'm tired already just reading this.

It seems like another lifetime when I went through all this with my kids. Busy schedules may be hard on mom, but the kids become better adults because of it. I remember the many, many trips all over the place for school-related activities -- the games, the competitions, the festivals, the concerts -- I wouldn't trade any of it for a million dollars! I am so proud of my kids and I'm sure Melissa (and the rest of the family) is so proud of her kids.

colleen said...

I love that opening line. That sums it up well and I know that feeling and I don't even have grandkids. Yet!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful kids they are! It it important to keep them busy. They all look so happy and healthy. Cute costumes too!