Monday, October 16, 2006

office party

Open House at the new office of Buddy's employer, W. H. Bass. A good turnout of employees and families to celebrate the construction and move into the new space.

Surprisingly no shop talk today, just a casual get-together with good food and company - and lots of kids! We were surprised at all the little ones running around, discovering that several of these families had 4 or 5 kids each, from diapers to college in the same family.

We enjoyed talking with the owner and founder, Carl, who shared some of his thoughts on parenting, retirement planning, his work shop, his home in Montana, and on starting out in the early years, "My wife and I worked our way through college on pinto beans and cornbread..." (to be so wise and experienced, how can he be younger than us?)

It was fun to see all the folks and their families, and to meet some newcomers, a Georgia Tech alumni (!), and a former New Yorker who came South looking for a better attitude of folks - welcome!

The woodwork was the first thing noticed by all of these builders and craftsman. This building reflects the quality of the product provided by this company, and the maturity and experience of the company - no portajohn in the mens bathroom and no golf course in the halls (this time).

The statement was made recently about the new office - there is no room for expansion! To which the reply was - we don't want to grow, we are just the right size.

By the way, love the receptionist in the lobby - compact, efficient, gets the job done, works cheap - was this (CFO)David's idea? Buddy couldn't wait to ring her bell.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, the woodwork is beautiful, and the lighting too.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

You're right...the woodwork is pretty and I also like the pattern the light makes on it.