Thursday, October 12, 2006

local renovation

The Old Cartecay Methodist Church circa 1859. We have passed by and watched a year of renovations. I wonder what they have done to the inside, and will have to arrange for a tour.

This time last year I was writing about the old church also:

This shot shows the back of the building, in the front there are two doors, separate entrances for men and women, as they did not sit together during worship. The pews are divided down the middle by a half wall, and there is a little cut-out in the wall on each pew so the babies could crawl back and forth between parents.


Alice said...

Makes you wonder what they were going to get up to during the sermon?

Many years ago Dad came home from a Sunday School teachers meeting and said that "Peter had asked if anyone had any spare shoe boxes to store the pictures he cuts from magazines for use in Sunday School?" He was asked "Why he couldn't keep them all in the same box box?" His shocked response was "Oh NO, I have to keep my men and women in separate boxes!" He meant that it was for easier sorting but his serious response had all the other teachers in fits of laughter.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I love to watch old building get renovated...and I also like to think about what went on in that old building and how nice it is that it gets another chance to live again.