Thursday, October 20, 2005

Local images

While at the Apple Festival this weekend we saw some great local photographs (yes, we went, did lots of looking and came out empty-handed). We recognized a sunrise shot that looked like it was taken at the top of the mountain. And one of the old Cartecay Methodist Church.

I received a new digital camera for my birthday this year (thanks Buddy!) and have really enjoyed it, taking pictures of grandkids and geocaching and whatever else I can find. I love the concept, no film, no paper, no waiting, just plug it in to the computer and voila! Instant pictures.

Anyway, I decided I would photograph some of the old buildings in our area. Here is a shot of the Old Cartecay Methodist Church, built in 1859 (click on picture to enlarge). It is on the National Register of Historic Places. This shot shows the back of the building, in the front there are two doors, separate entrances for men and women, as they did not sit together during worship. The pews are divided down the middle by a half wall, and there is a little cut-out in the wall on each pew so the babies could crawl back and forth between parents. Just a little slice of history that I pass by on the way to town.


jellyhead said...

what a beautiful old church. I love the details about the wall with the holes in it! I'm surprised, though, that the men were expected to have anything to do with infant care back then!

That reminds me of how my mother, who went to the same public high school as I did, tells me the girls were not allowed to even speak to the boys, and had separate areas to eat lunch, play sport, and were segregated for classes also. And my mother is only in her 60's.

Goodnight from afar (my bed is calling me)

Seeing Anew said...

Lovely shot of the old church. I can just hear the hymns drifting out of it on a hot, steamy, summer Sunday morning. Looking forward to more photos of your area and learning interesting tidbits of history. I've seen divided churches, but never one with a baby "window". I wonder if it's a one-of-a-kind design?

Alice said...

Jellyhead's comments about her mother's schooling was my experience too. I am in my 60s, went to a public high school where boys played on one side of the school and girls on the other, ate in different areas and verbal contact was actively discouraged by the teachers (didn't stop it, of course). Some classes were all girls, some all boys, and others were mixed. Of course, boys never did sewing or cooking and girls never did woodwork or tech. drawing, etc. Tennis was probably the only 'mixed' sport. Boys played football (Aussie rules) and cricket, girls played softball, netball and vigaro (like cricket). We even lined up to wait for the school bus in separate groups and sat on opposite sides of the bus.

Alice said...

Susan - thanks for the comments about my garden. Yes, it is our back/front yard and not the garden of a professional gardener. They surely wouldn't have made so many 'mistakes' with colour selection and placement, but I like it most of the time.

I received a digital camera in May this year and, although I've taken hundreds of photos since, I often have to remind myself that it's okay to take as many as I want because there's no film to run out or be developed, and if it's out of focus or anything, I don't even need to keep it, unlike the numerous over/under exposed photos we have around the place.