Wednesday, September 13, 2006

star struck

Sunday morning e-mail from daughter Melissa:

Our Saturday... Madison and I were invited to see Beauty and the Beast at the Fox Theater. It was wonderful!!

Madison was in a state of awe most of the time we were there. Maybe it had to do with the crab legs she had at Red Lobster on the way down there or the fabulous seats we had, the rose she was given, or the t-shirt to wear to school next week. We had a fabulous time!

Yesterday on the way to piano lessons:

(Granma Susan - official piano lesson chauffeur): Madison, tell me about your trip to see Beauty and the Beast.

(Madison): Well, it was a long trip, to downtown Atlanta, at the Fox Theatre. I had never been there, it was neat. When we sat down, Mommy said to stand up in my seat - so I did, and there was a ditch down there with people in it...

(Granma Susan): Thats the orchestra pit. Your great-grandmother (my mom) used to go there to the Fox to watch movies, it used to be a movie theatre, and the orchestra would play the music for the movies - you know how movies have music in the background, well back then they didn't and the orchestra would play the music while the movie was showing.

(Madison): Yeah, they were playing music, but you couldn't see them very well. I mostly watched the people doing sign language. The girl did it for the songs, and the man did it for the talking. They were very fast.

We got popcorn. I told Mommy that I would like to work there someday, I could sell popcorn!
(you can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl...)

(Granma Susan): Have you practiced your piano and do you have all your books, etc. Did you think about the question the piano teacher asked you last week - "Madison, why do you want to learn piano? What do you want to do with your music?"

(Madison): I know! I could play piano at the Fox Theatre!

Mighty Mo Pipe Organ at the Fox Theatre

The Fox Theatre, an Atlanta landmark since the 1920s features Broadway productions and concerts.


TUFFENUF said...

How nice that Madison got to go to the theater. I think it is so good to take children to live performances. Back in the day that I went to school, the class used to go at least once a year to a theater performance. It is something I will always remember my whole life.

Motherkitty said...

I was very lucky growing up, and being part of the band and orchestra. We were taken to musical performances and Broadway shows that were awesome.

So great that the grandkids are experiencing this type of venue. I know it's expensive but so worth it. It will make them different people and something they will always remember throughout their lives. They can tell their friends that they saw something special.

Tammy said...

Cute Post!!!
Just stopping by to thank you for being a support and encouragement!!

Pamela said...

How sweet, my daughter and I took piano lessons together for about a year it was wonderful. It is so nice that she loved it! How did she recognize the man and woman were giving different signs language for music and words?

LZ Blogger said...

What a nice expierence thanks for sharing! It must have been a thrill for both you AND Madison! ~ jb///

jellyhead said...

I tried to comment this morning but blogger wouldn't let me. POUT.

Madison looks like quite the prodigy, sitting at the piano there! Lovely to hear about the great time you and she had together seeing 'Beauty and the Beast'.

jellyhead said...

whoops - just realised it was Melissa who went with just got to HEAR all about it, right?!

Kerri said...

Oh she's so cute! I want one of these :) (granddaughter, that is).
How lovely that she and her mom went to a live show together. Yes, this is what memories are made of.
How nice to 'see' you in my comment box this morning. I've enjoyed reading several of your posts. Wonderful quilting!!!! Great pictures and interesting writing!