Sunday, September 24, 2006

last call for summer

The first day of Autumn
finds this little fellow
clinging to the
familiar red perch
as it swings
in the cold breeze,
his feathers puffed up,
obviously chilled.

What happened to summer?
Where are all my friends?
I think it is time to go.

It is time for us to go, too. We are off to climb a mountain, a good way to kick off the fall season!


Norma said...

I hope you have your camera with you--that is one beautiful mountain!

Tammy said...

now, that is a fuzzy little Hummer...I hope that is not a sign of a cold bad winter...brrr!!!

John Cowart said...

What a great way to celebrate Autum. I envy you. That cave looks exciting.

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Your blog is very attractive to look at. Your photos are terrific and your content entertaining. Bravo?

jellyhead said...

Are you back yet? How was Mt LeConte?!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

This is definitely not a trip for the novice, which is me at the moment...or should I say from now on.

I like the little hummingbird all puffed up.

Seeing Anew said...

Hi, Susan. Neat photo of the hummingbird -- I never get to see them staying still, as we don't have a feeder for hummingbirds, and they are so quick when they zip in for some nectar from our echinacea plants.

Judith said...

What an exquisite hummingbird photo! "Last call for summer", such beauty and a tinge of sadness.