Monday, August 28, 2006

meet the folks

The anticipation has been running high in the family these past few weeks. Nephew Ethan was coming home from Germany with his new bride and daughters. His parents have been frantically cleaning and preparing for their visit.

Kay (Ethan's mom) was especially frazzled, I don't believe I have ever seen her so. She was anxious to see her newly-married son, and meet her new daughter-in-law and granddaughters, but worried what they would think, would they like her, what would she say to the kids, since they spoke little English, what would they think of all her animals? As she heard the car arrive late that evening, she tried to quiet her stomach butterflies and swallow the lump in her throat, but all worries flew out the door when the kids came running in and went straight to the family pets, a menagerie of dogs and cats who live there. Nothing can bridge a language barrier like little wagging tails and doggy kisses.

The call had gone out the week before to plan a family gathering, and of course we all rallied as we always do - food, fun, fellowship! Friends and family gathered on Friday night to welcome the new folks. We are all delighted with Cecilia, Natasha, and Lisa.

Especially our granddaughters, Sarah and Madison, who were excited all week, looking forward to meeting their new cousins (girls!). They all got along great, playing together.

Kay put into words what we had all noticed, she had never seen Ethan happier. Good luck and best wishes for the new family, who are already back in DC to start their new life together.

A family is a patchwork quilt
A lifetime being sewn
Each piece is an original
With beauty of its own

The brightest patches may be new
And get the most attention
But the pieces that are loved and worn
Help give our quilt dimension

Threads of humor, faith and love
Will keep our quilt together
To last in love throughout the years
And wrap us close forever

~poem from 'ceramic plate celebrates the common threads in every family' American Diabetes Association - Gift of Hope catalog


jellyhead said...

That poem about families is beautiful.

Glad you all had a happy get-together, and were all able to welcome Ethan's new bride and new daughters! The photo of the two girls twirling and chatting is priceless.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Loved all the family pictures. I bet once Ethan & wife walked thru the door, his mama relaxed. I love family gatherings and the poem was great.