Monday, July 24, 2006

Stitches in Time

Blue gingham dress with cross-stitch in the squares, circa 1958.

Lovingly made by hand for my sister-in-law, Kay, by her grandmother (Two-Mama) and great-aunt (Aunt Gene). Kay wore this in high school and has kept it all these years. She recently came across it and wouldn't give it to Goodwill etc., because of the family handiwork. So she brought it to me, saying that "maybe you can find some use for it. . ."

At first I just put it away, not knowing what to do with it, but it must have stayed in the back of my mind, because an idea did emerge. This idea involved taking the dress apart and using the fabric and embroidery in another project.

I did take the dress apart, but was hesitant to cut anything, it not being my dress, etc. So I finally called Kay and asked her permission. She said, "Of course! That's what I had in mind that you would do!"

So now my little 1963 Dutch Dolls are now joined together with the vintage blue gingham and bordered by the cross-stitch from the same generation. Hope they like their new surroundings!


KCQuilter said...

What a perfect use for the gingham and cross-stitch!!!

Motherkitty said...

Oooohhhh, Susan, you clever thing you. What a glorious thing you have created. We all wish we had your talent to make things like this live on to become a keepsake the generations to come will love and enjoy. It's absolutely beautiful.

The Calico Cat said...

How nice & what a great way to reuse the dress! Destined for hand quilting, huh?

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I hope that you put a little tag on the back telling the story of this wonderful heirloom that you have created.
I always think that these stories go wonderful with quilts and help to carry on history of its making.

I agree with Motherkitty and think that you are very creative.

jellyhead said...

You really are an artist. That looks wonderful! How good to have a family heirloom contained in such a beautiful piece of handiwork.

Melzie said...

BEAUTIFUL :) I absolutely LOVE sunbonnet Sue! xoxo melzie

"Grandi" said...

Wow - that is soooo perfect!! Congrats on a beautiful job well done!