Wednesday, July 5, 2006

competitive spirit

54 or Bust! the sign said, held up in the crowd of onlookers at the 91st annual Nathan's Famous July Fourth International Hot Dog Eating Contest.

After a morning of hiking and geocaching, we were sitting in a nice air-conditioned restaurant when the television coverage of the hot dog eating contest caught our attention. It was definitely not appealing to watch while we were trying to eat our own lunch.

The question comes to mind - Why?

Why would anyone do this? Eat over 50 hot dogs in 12 minutes? Is it the coveted yellow mustard belt? Is it the unavoidable bloating feeling afterward? What message does this send? That it is okay to gorge yourself? That anything is worth it just to get the prize? That you should dye your hair yellow to match the sponsor's billboard?

Would you do this?

Well, maybe if it was donuts…

Melissa once entered a watermelon eating contest on the 4th of July, now that was fun to watch!


Motherkitty said...

What a pathetic way to get your 15 minutes of fame. I once saw a "famous" 98-lb woman on TV who entered these eating contests all the time. She didn't look as if she could finish a two-egg omelet. This miniature demon, however, outate everyone, including huge men. I don't know where she put it, but when she was done, she looked like one of those snakes who swallowed a pig whole. I get nauseated just watching them stuff their faces. Ugh.

Tammy said...

I have never, ever underdstood this...makes me sick actually...I wish they did not get the coverage they do!!

Finn said...

Hi Susan, I'm another voice on the side of reason...and reasonable. I think kids(even slightly older ones) are cute eating watermelon in the summertime. And it should end right there.
That "piece" of news hit the tv screen this morning while I was having my toast. Couldn't hit the remost fast enough to change it, but boy,oh boy, am I getting close at closing my eyes with greased lightening speed...LOL. It's my new solution to a snake appearing on the screen when I'm not expecting it.
With that Digger, the dematophyte commercial, I can't get the channel changed fast enough.
It seems as long as there are stupid, money greed sponsors, there will be stupid people enough to help them out!
Don't get me started on Fear Factor...LOL

Glacial Wanderer said...
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Glacial Wanderer said...

When I was a bit younger (probably around 10 years old) I entered pie eating contest with my dad. The rules were the father eats about half the pie and then the son eats half and no hands allowed. When my dad was done we were in the middle of the pack. I had one taste of the cream pie and decided I didn't like it so I just smashed my face into it. I kept smooshing it around with my face until the judges decided my pie was all gone. The crowd loved it, and we won first place! Afterwards I admitted that I never took a bite :-)

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I love hotdogs, but not 54 of them.
Getting back to MotherKitty's comment about the woman being a little tiny thing...well it was explained that a tiny person has no fat and their stomachs can expand freely. Where as some of us have fat deposits blocking our stomachs from expansion.

But don't ask me why they do it...Maybe the prize is big.