Saturday, July 1, 2006

around the yard

Another month rolls around, strolling around the yard to see what's blooming...

Althea bushes given to me by Kay for our new house/yard ? years ago - we've been here 30 years, so probably about that long,
pink and white ones.

The deck flower boxes are filling out nicely.

Shady areas have a new look.

Daylilies bloom one at a time, guess they want all the attention.

And another visitor, wonder what he is thinking...

How rude! What if I stared at you while you were eating breakfast?

One man's lawn, another man's dinner table... remember that deer that ate your hosta last week? hehe


Tammy said...

Summer in pretty!!

Motherkitty said...

Mr. Squirrel sure is cute. Love your Georgia views.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Your white flower reminds me of our Rose of Sharon bushes. Your little squirrel is cute and seems to be posing for the camera.

What a difference shade makes in the yard...I love it. It gives the yard a different dimension.