Wednesday, June 7, 2006

roses are forever

There are roses blooming all over the area.

Most of the ones I have seen are along the roadside, without a house in sight.

Maybe they were planted many years ago in front of a farmhouse.

There may not be anything left of the house, but the roses live on.

Buddy said we should plant some along the road out front, so some day when everything else has gone back to dust, folks will know someone lived here.

They say diamonds are forever, but it seems roses come in a close second.


jellyhead said...

What a beautiful sentiment. I think planting the roses near the road is a wonderful idea, too.

Tammy said...

I've read somewhere that a lot of the heirloom roses are found all across the west where old homesteads used to be...there is one yellow rose that they think came over from England and was passed from woman to woman.
You can also find them growing in cemeteries.

doubleknot said...

How touching to know something someone planted years ago is still growing. Yes, plant your roses by the road - who knows what the future may bring.