Wednesday, June 14, 2006

flora and fauna

In my yard -
the rhododendrons
are blooming,

this little deer
is just visiting.


Motherkitty said...
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Motherkitty said...

Oh, dear, what a dear little deer! And, your rhododendrons are rolling right along, raising their beautiful, radiant faces to the sun. I hope that dear little deer didn't dare take a daring bite out of your really beautiful rhododendrons. teehee

Tammy said...

Sweet pic of the deer!

"Grandi" said...

Oh - I just found your blog through Kentucky Gal's blog! I love all your pictures and the way you write! If it's ok by you, I would like to add you to my favorites!

LZ Blogger said...

Pretty pretty shots! ~ jb///

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

The sweet little deer has come to see your beautiful rhododendrons...and maybe to check out your fruit trees or garden.

susan said...

One day I had a bloom and 3 buds on a day lily planted at the edge of the woods, the next day it was just an empty stem... hope it was tasty!

thanks to all for the comments, and grandi - ok by me

janet said...

Holy moly just got home from learning to make baskets out of pine needles.
I look in my google reader and it said I had and hundred + post from you. Geeh you've been busy.

Love the pictures!