Friday, June 23, 2006

aspiring to be pie

along the side of the road,
ripening in the hot summer sun.
Are they longing to be picked
and put in a pie?
Do they think they are safe
behind their protection of thorns?
Are they covered in chiggers
just waiting to jump
onto unsuspecting tender skin?
Is there a sssneaky sssnake
lurking at their roots?
Or maybe a big black furry bear
ready to have a berry snack?

Is it really worth it
to pick these blackberries
just for a pie?
A pie that would no doubt
add to our size just a little?
But just think about it,
the aroma of sweet pie,
still warm from the oven,
a tender flaky crust,
and a big scoop of
vanilla ice cream melting on top...

Me oh my
Nothing tastes sweet, wet, salty and dry
all at once, oh well it's pie
an' wet bottom.
Come to your place everyday if you've got em'
Me oh my
I love pie

~Pie Song from the movie Michael


Motherkitty said...

"Andie," you've taken the words right outta my mouf (which longs to be covered in sweet berry juice). But, wouldn't it be worth the threat of bugs, bears, bees, or ssnakes to get a huge bucket of these beauties (lions and tigers and bears, oh my) to bake up? That moisture you see is not rain, it's drool from looking at your lovely pictures.

Jeanne said...

Ah, a beautiful summer picture! As soon as I saw it, before I read your words, my first thought was "bears!"
Yum, I can just about taste the tart/sweet berries and the flaky curst!
Jeanne :)

jellyhead said...

Oh, YUM! Now you've got me craving my favourite, CHERRY PIE!

Finn said...

Those berries do look lushious!! And I love the pie song!!

I think I like blackberries best right off the branch..*VBS* and would you believe my golden, Daks, adored both blackberries and raspberries and would stand next to me and eat them(right off the brances he could reach) if I didn't stop him...LOL..a good memory..*VBS* Hugs, Finn

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I love to eat wild blackberries right off the vine and like Finn, my dogs ate them right along side me.

Blackberry cobbler is my favorite way to eat them cooked and I liked your blackberry poem. Michael is one of my favorite movies.

Tammy said...

Just got back from Kentucky and saw some berries off in the side thickets of the ball field where grandson played t-ball...they were still red yet but very soon they will make some very good cobbler...mmmmmmhmmmmmm with ice cream...yummy!!!

"Grandi" said...

mmmmm - once again - your picture says it all! Right of the vine, in a pie, over ice cream - mmmm - nuthin' like vine ripened!

Judith said...

That is sooooo beautiful! And I know it will be tasty too. Summer is here, for sure!

doubleknot said...

Oh my those look so delicous. I have the sound track for Michael but it is on CD and right now I have no - oops I forgot my computer plays music! One of my favorite movies - have to buy a DVD of it some day.
Now I am really hungry. I wanted something to eat all day but everything I wanted it seemed I had to cook on the stove which I had to keep off because I wasn't sure when the man would come to fix it. My, my, I wonder if I can find some black berries in the store.