Friday, April 14, 2006

all is not peaceful in the woods...

In the woods, the dogwood and redbud trees are blooming, the wildflowers make for an enjoyable hike. The waterfalls and streams run clear and cold. The sky is crystal clear blue and the weather is warm. The 3-mile round trip hike to Benton Falls is an easy trail, we did it just last Sunday.

There are so many things you have to watch out for in the woods, poison ivy, snakes, bears, unfriendly folks… But usually if you keep a wide berth you will go away unscathed.

But that was not the case yesterday… a family of 3 visiting here from Ohio hiked to Benton Falls and were attacked by a bear, now the 6-year-old daughter is dead and the 2-year-old son and mother are in the hospital in critical condition.

This is the time of year for the bears to come out, looking for food after the long winter. We usually have a few come through here. We make sure to keep the cat food inside and move the grill out of the screened-in porch onto the deck. (This after the bear came through the screen in 3 places last time, including the door.) They like the sugar water in hummingbird feeders and the sunflower seeds in bird feeders. They are usually very scared and will run off before I can even get a good picture of them, which is a good thing, of course. Bear attacks are very rare, but I know that is no consolation to the family attacked yesterday.


jellyhead said...

Gosh, Susan, what an awful thing to happen.

I haven't heard from you in awhile - hope I haven't upset you in any way? If I wrote anything that came across as rude or overly cheeky, I'm very sorry (I can't remember doing so, but I know sometimes the written word doesn't always come across as intended)

Anyway, take care, and keep safe when hiking/geocaching etc.

Jelly :)

Finn said...

Oh Susan, I did hear that story this morning on the news. Had no idea it was anywhere near you. It sounds like your experience has you doing ALL the right things for this time of year. One can't really blame the bears, but such a sad story and tragic loss.

I suppose the beautiful spring weather lulls people into forgetting about hungry bears waking up. The blossom pictures are so beautiful, thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful Easter, Hugs, Finn

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

What an awful thing to happen to the Ohio family...I had heard about it in the news, but didn't realize it was close to you. I just never gave it much thought about bears being in Georgia although I know they are in Tennessee and slowly creeping into Kentucky. My cousin spotted one in her back yard not far from us.

Please be careful...but I know that you are...but please be careful anyway.

I had the opportunity to visit Georgia last week and it was just gorgeous with flowers & leaves on trees. We are still leafless here, but it's coming. Your pictures are pretty, as always.

doubleknot said...

I also heard the story on the news though I missed part of it. So sad. I thought bears would run away if you shouted at them? Never having met one in the wild I think I would be screaming my head off if I did.
I can't imagine having a bear come through your screen porch.
Have had encounters with gaters down here though - I won - gater lost.

Alice said...

How terribly tragic. I didn't realise that bears were so widespread or such a danger in your country. I think I'll just stick to our spiders and snakes (which we very rarely see in a whole lifetime).

It sounds like a delightful hike, but .....

Seeing Anew said...

I saw that in the news too. I didn't realize you were that close to Tennessee. What a sad and shocking story. Makes me shiver to remember all my hikes in the spring in black bear country. It seems that every "Eden" has an equivalent amount of danger to match its beauty.