Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Nurse Sheila

My newspaper-clipping sister-in-law brought me this from her local paper, thanks Kay!

Congratulations to my former co-worker, Sheila! After working for years at the local hospital in records, she decided to become a nurse.

She is the mother of four and grandmother of nine (at last count) and caretaker for her mother-in-law.

Her husband jokingly told her that she would be celebrating her graduation at her retirement party. She's not that old! Well done, Sheila!

I met Sheila when I started working at the hospital. We had some great times together working there. I was just remembering some of those times…

Remember sympathizing with each other over the antics of our children and their children?

Remember your 50th birthday party?

Remember moving the entire medical record department across to the other side of the hospital?

Remember the ride in the Navy submarine?

Remember watching Dr. Wheeler dance on the table in the lobby and collect dollar bills in the elastic band of his electric blue satin gym shorts - all for charity, of course!

Remember all that hospital cafeteria food, and 3 o'clock break time when the entire hospital could smell our popcorn?

Remember sharing prom dresses and hoop skirts for our teenage daughters?

Remember the day you were sitting across from me at lunch and noticed the egg-sized lump in my neck? Oh yeah, thanks for getting Dr. T. to stick his fingers down my throat - ugh!

Remember that one time you quit your job and made it all the way to the parking lot before coming back to work... THEN the day you REALLY quit your job and we played Johnny Paycheck's 'Take This Job and Shove It' on the office CD player?

Remember all the wedding showers, weddings, and baby showers we have attended together?

Remember the day you went to sleep at your desk and I had to tell the folks coming in to SHHH! (Good thing it wasn't the boss)!

Maybe you won't fall asleep with your patients, but if you do, hopefully they will understand and try not to disturb you. Just kidding, I am very proud of you!


doubleknot said...

What wonderful memories you have shared with a friend. Your friend Shelia sounds like a real go getter - good for her - she followed her dream. Guess it goes to show some of us 'old' biddes aren't finished yet.

jellyhead said...

Your friend has done so well, and you have showed how proud you are with this post - a great way to help her celebrate!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Shiela is so lucky to have such a good friend in you. And all I can say about Shiela becoming a nurse at her age is WOW!! Good for her.

Finn said...

What a wonderful tribute to your friend..very well written!! Yes, good friends, good memories..thank you for sharing the mischief you two shared...*VBS*

greeneyes0128 said...

Well done ~ Susan and Sheila. Love and miss you both...