Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Do you like puzzles? I like all kinds of puzzles. Crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, logic problems, sudoku, word puzzles, math puzzles. I am not necessarily good at any or all of these, but I enjoy trying to figure them out.

Geocaching sometimes has a puzzle to solve in order to find the cache. These puzzles are created by folks who must be rocket scientists, because I rarely can solve any of the geocaching puzzles. But this weekend with the help of Buddy, we figured one out. Here is the puzzle. If you figure this out, you can go find the cache.

Anyway, we were the first ones to figure it out and after two trips to the designated place, we were the FTF!!! (That's first to find in geocaching language - it's a big deal to be the first to find a newly placed cache). We rarely are the FTF, as there are some die-hard geocachers out there, and as soon as a new cache is published, they are there.

Can you find the hidden objects in the first two posts of this month?


jellyhead said...

I'm not a big puzzler, myself. Probably because I'm not terribly good at them! Language-related puzzles I'm OK with (eg crosswords, jumbled words etc) but math-related puzzles frustrate me unless very straightforward!

I bet you are good at puzzles, Susan. If you could solve that cryptic message with Buddy (yes, I went and had a look! Yikes!), you must be pretty skilful.

I'll leave it to the brainy Motherkitty to come along and solve the post puzzle, and the geocaching one, too!

Motherkitty said...

Daffodils and Hershey's Chocolate!!!!

Give me a little time and I will have figured out your geocaching puzzle also. You knew I would bite, right?

susan said...

Yes, motherkitty, since I hadn't heard from you in a day or so, I pictured you working frantically away on the puzzles. See if you can do the sudoku one pictured, also, while you are at it, since I can't quite finish it. (It is another one for geocaching).

Congrats on finding the hidden items!

Motherkitty said...

Susan, for some reason, these last two posts of yours did not come up until just this morning. I guess I'm going to have to "refresh" sites when I enter them just to see if anything new has been posted.

Love your puzzles. I don't know if I can do the sudoku, but I will try.

Seeing Anew said...

Well I'm getting a late start this morning due to your crazy sudoku! I don't dare even look at the other cryptic puzzle!

Motherkitty said...


"Giberish. Hopefully this text won’t turn to giberish from being so close to the reactor. The cache has been placed. I parked at twenty two point two seven seven minutes north and nine point five six two minutes west. It was an enjoyable quarter mile walk downstream along the river. I placed the cache point one one one minutes less northerly and point zero six eight minutes more westerly than the parking coords. On the way back along the road to place the first stage I passed within a bit more than a hundred feet of the cache, but it would be a step climb down that way. Giberish. Did it turn to gibberish?"

Am I correct? That was fun and interesting. I don't know about the sudoku though. Will still try.

susan said...

Motherkitty, You got it! Now you can go find the cache! I knew you could do it. I can only do the EASY sudoku puzzles, this one is too much for me. Maybe someone out there can do it?

Finn said...

I love puzzles and finding things and solving things...*VBS* But with sudoko I've met my match..I'm number challenged...congrats on the FTF..way to go!