Saturday, February 18, 2006

happy birthday Inez

Just a note to wish you a happy birthday and to let you know I am thinking of you.

Just the other night when I was out with the girls your name came up several times. Kay was even referred to as "Inez" when she brought out her bag of newspaper clippings to share with us.

It was fun to gather at your house on Christmas Eve again (just a few weeks ago). Ethan baked your Christmas ham, Heidi baked your stuffed turkey, Sue made your famous Southern fried chicken with buttermilk crust, Jenny made your delicious macaroni and cheese. Your kitchen was filled with delicious food and people and laughter just like old times.

Buddy often gets compared to you, also. He has your way of saving things (we might need/use that someday!) - just take a look upstairs in the shop. And shopping! He must have gotten that from you - the packages from e-bay and Amazon just keep coming.

Jenny and Carrie are sewing and doing crafts no doubt sparked by memories of watching and helping you.

Carrie and Melissa both have your office skills. They are very proficient at what they do, as you were all those years at the Carpenter's Local. (You'll get a kick out of this - did you know that you don't say secretary any more, everyone is an administrative assistant now!)

Melissa and Michelle do not sew or cook much, but they both work very hard, and I am reminded of you, from dawn to bedtime you were always busy working on something.

Heidi is taking good care of your house for you. She still hosts the annual Christmas Eve get-together, so that the traditions you started are living on.

Surprisingly, no one has your passion for ironing everything in sight, sorry about that...

Well, hope you have a good birthday, know that you are thought of often and that a little part of you lives on in all of us, and that we were all blessed to know you.

Inez - February 18, 1919 - January 4, 1999


Motherkitty said...

What a touching remembrance. I would say a good deal of Inez lives on because you all remember her and think of her often. I know my own sweet mother lives on (at least in my sister's and my heart because we talk about her all the time). It's wonderful that you are keeping tradition alive. And, it's good that you are writing about these traditions for the kids, grandkids, and greatgrandkids.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

That was so sweet and so sad at the same time...It brought tears to my eyes to read it. It is so wonderful that the traditions she started still live on and that her memory is not forgotten. I'm sure she is looking down from heaven and smiling.

jellyhead said...

That was a lovely way to honour Inez. What a comfort to know that she is remembered by so many people.

Carrie said...

sniffle sniffle....

Thanx MOM....

We all really do think of her often, I'm glad you've found a vehicle to keep her alive with words and photos.

Andrea said...

Thanks for sharing this with me. Strange that my mother and your mother in law were born on the same day but different years. They shared more than just birthdays, they shared the same name....INEZ.

Beautiful post. And by all means, do copy and save the poem on my blog.