Tuesday, February 21, 2006

the conniving cat caper

The clever calico cat took a calculated risk when he criss-crossed the carpet and climbed on the kitchen counter to feast upon cream and cod. Calamity arose as the culprit catapulted himself toward a container of cream. The kitty cringed as a coffee cup clanged and clanked and crashed to the floor. Classically a carnivore, the cat ate the cod clean, then played with the cucumbers, canned corn, and cabbage. With care he consumed the last crusty crumb of cocoa cake and left.

Cautiously the composed cunning cat calmly cleaned his claws innocently by the couch in the corner.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen it was conjectured that the criminal was the culprit caught near the cupboard, casually cavorting by a kettle of custard.

The cool keen cat, oh what a cold cad, watched curiously as the canine was convicted of the crime.

story from the book 516 Sensational Cat Quotes, Quips and Jokes by Kathrine Palmer Peterson


Motherkitty said...

The author must have come to my house to watch my cats at play, those six naughty nippers. This scene has been played a few times in my kitchen but without the canine. So, I knew in a flash that it must have been the handiwork of one of the mischievous miscreants who were responsible for the mess and missing foodstuffs. They always look so sad when they get hollered at, but tend to repeat themselves if not watched carefully.

Glacial Wanderer said...

What a cleaver composition concerning those coy kittens.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

That was a cute story and I loved the picture too.

jellyhead said...

That would just be typical of a cat - to manage to get the dog in trouble instead!

Finn said...

Capitativingly clever ! I love it and the picture...*VBS*