Tuesday, January 24, 2006

road to delivery

I went to visit an old friend yesterday, the lady who delivered my babies. I made the hour trip, traveling across the back roads making all the twists and turns and ended up at the same place as I have every year for 28 years. It is always nostalgic, remembering the two harried trips over the curvy mountain roads to make it in time for delivery. Oops, make that three trips, how can I forget the midnight run taking Melissa for Kyle's arrival into the world!

I saw some of the same nurses that have been there for years. This is a big OB/GYN practice with 5 doctors, 5 midwives, tons of nurses and office personnel, but the feeling is always the same - friendly. After my checkup, we exchanged stories of kids and grandkids, she asked about my husband, Buddy, and his sister Kay. Then she told me of the upcoming anniversary of the practice, 30 years! She said they would be contacting all of the old patients to attend the celebration, that I would be hearing from them.

Can you believe she said that! Gee thanks! So I am one of the OLD patients? It must be some mistake, maybe she was referring to Kay. I need to let Kay know - both of her kids were born there also, and she really qualifies as one of the OLD patients! Oh, Kay. . .

(we'll see if she really reads this, if so my phone will be ringing...)


Motherkitty said...

Your description led me to believe you had had your babies delivered by some back country midwife out in the boonies. Led us down the garden path, did you? Little did we know that you were actually talking about a huge OB/GNY practice. As always, enjoyed your post.

Hope your check-up went okay.

jellyhead said...

Your friend forgot to choose her words carefully. I'm sure she meant 'old' as in 'previous', not 'old' as in 'decrepit'!!

My dear mother is into her 60's, and I NEVER think of her as old. Sixties are not old, so fifties...I've said it before, you're still a spring chicken!

Finn said...

I love the word picture of your trip through the mountains. What a wonderful place it must be, and for it still be there meeting your needs..*VBS*