Monday, January 23, 2006

New wheels

My OLD car was just 10 years old
And had over 155,000 miles
The doors wouldn’t lock when you wanted them to
The mirrors wouldn’t adjust any more -
well they did the old-fashioned way,
by rolling down the window going 60 mph,
and pushing/pulling it and saying 'how's that?'

The window leaked -
just on the passenger side
The same window would go down all the way -
if you had all day
The tires were out of round and went
bump bump bump
The steering was too sensitive, making for
some swervy rides
The brake light came on when going around curves
(until I put in some brake fluid)

But it was paid for
and it ran fine . . .

Until the other day
when I missed my
grandkids' basketball game
because the engine was

Like the salesman said yesterday
when we went to trade,
'Looks like y'all got the good
outta this one!'

We test drove the RED one
and the salesman went to check on other colors, but
I told him never mind about that -
I LIKE the RED one!


Motherkitty said...

Red is good! When we went to look at trucks for husband (traded in his old Mitsubishi sedan that had waaaay too many miles on it and busted struts), he looked for something to haul rocks, compost, and other trash. He wanted an old piece of junk, but I found a nice, red GMC Sierra PU that was in cherry condition and had lots of chrome. Guess what we bought?

Your SUV looks awesome. Have fun driving it. Now you won't have to deal with all the little nit-picky things that were bad on your other vehicle.

Dorothy said...

Oh, I like the red one too!

Alice said...

Woowee - won't you look snazzy. I can't tell from the photo what sort it is. It doesn't look like one that we have over here.

susan said...

Alice, it is a Dodge Durango, used of course, we like for someone else to break it in.

abe/happy said...

Have you heard that old saying
"red cars go faster"

doubleknot said...

Red is nice. My room mate traded in his truck for a new one just before he had his accident and got a black Ford Sportester with a big back seat - the object being we could gather the grandkids up and take them places - like the family reuion. He had it all of nine days before he fell at work.
Enjoy your red ride.

Alice said...

My daughter (purplegiraffes) bought her first car for 14 years last week. Got a really good buy and she's so excited. She blogged all about it - several times.