Thursday, December 29, 2005

Thanks y'all

Thanks to all my family and friends who read this, the feedback has been fun, and thanks for letting me talk about all of you!

Thanks to all my blogfriends:

For sharing your thoughts, ideas, stories, pictures.
For all the nice comments you leave on my blog.

Thanks to Alice for the beautiful photos of her garden, I now have inspiration to plant more flowers this spring! And for the great stories you have written about your childhood growing up in Australia, incentive to try to remember some of mine and get them down.

Thanks to Jelly for the funny stories about her husband 'Fatty' (a.k.a. Birdman) and her 2 'ratbags,' I can relate to having two little ones and am very grateful that they are grown!

Thanks to Judith for the wonderful photos and for prompting me to see things anew.

Thanks to Finn for the many and beautiful quilts she creates, I was inspired to make 2 mini-quilts for the granddaughters this Christmas!

Thanks to doubleknot for also inspiring me to crochet 2 mini-afghans for the granddaughters.

Thanks to Motherkitty for all the wonderful stories she shares. We watched A Christmas Story with a new perspective - we saw your hometown and the Chinese restaurant that is still there!

The discovery of friendship is well worth the search.


jellyhead said...

Aw, Susan - you are more than welcome.

I'm very thankful to know you, too.

Motherkitty said...

Your writing makes us all want to share more with our blogfriends. I have enjoyed getting to know you during the past several months. Husband and I watched Gone With The Wind last evening and I thought about you.

Alice said...

Susan - just when I start getting a bit lazy you stir me into action with another interesting piece of your family history, or an email "What's Happening in the Garden?" You would have made a wonderful teacher - always there gently prodding, coaxing, encouraging and leading. Thank you for sharing your life with us; I look forward to sharing 2006 with you. May it be a fantastic year for us all.

Finn said...

Thank you Susan, so happy that you were inspired to make some little quilts..*VBS* Love visiting your blog and seeing what is happening today. I enjoy your friendship...thank you..*VBS*