Monday, December 12, 2005

Photo reflections

Time magazine came today - 'The year's best photos.' I eagerly flipped through the pages until I found the pictures. I love pictures, professional ones, candid ones, amazed that so much can be captured in an instant. I started turning the pages, looking at the pictures one after the next. There was death and destruction and floods and fires and tsunami, hurricanes, suicide bombers, on and on. I thought - these are the BEST pictures of the year? I guess I was thinking of Look magazine and all their great pictures. Time is a news magazine, and according to them almost all the news was bad this year, NO, not only bad, but devastating. And of course it WAS and IS for many, many folks. It makes our holiday decorations and shopping etc. seem very selfish and superficial. The photos are a wake up call - don't get too comfortable, all is not right with the world.

I am a glass-half-full kind of person, try to see the silver lining, blah blah blah, and when I turned a page and saw that Michael Jackson had made the year's best photos, the imbalance of all the devastation seemed to lift just a smidge and I had to smile at the king of pop in court in his PJs.


Finn said...

Hi Susan, I had a similar reaction this morning with my cup of coffee, watching and listening as CCN showed some of the pictures that had made this issue of Time. So much happened to so many, one almost feels overwhelmed..and then they showed the funeral of Pope John Paul, and I thought it seems like a different life time it happen in. Indeed, I think we'd better keep our seatbelts buckled and pray for a good outcome. So glad you got to be with the DD's (today?)..that sounds wonderful..*VBS* A perfect photo finish to me..*VBS

Like you, I find great truth in still amazes me how time is frozen forever in that one continues on, but tha moment is there, in your can that be??

doubleknot said...

Pictures, love them. Would post more on my blog but seems something always go wrong.
So many bad things have happen this year that I will be glad for 2006 to roll around and perhaps bring us some relief.