Thursday, December 8, 2005


Madison is our youngest grandchild, the baby of the family, and with all the perks that comes with being so. She just has to look up at you with those big blue eyes and your heart melts.

A former beauty queen, soccer player, and cheerleader, Madison is now learning piano and basketball. She is very smart, she loves school and her teacher and homework and practicing piano. On a recent visit to their house, we all enjoyed her singing, it could be heard all over the house, the thing is - she was in the shower at the time! She likes to cook and sew and do any kind of art project.
She is not afraid to try new things and has never met a stranger. Her grandma Bobbie takes them to Wild Adventures, an amusement park. Madison called home from there this summer to tell us that she had just gone bungy jumping - along with grandma Bobbie! (Bobbie now holds the title of coolest grandma). We all enjoy Madison's enthusiasm for life and are looking forward to what the future brings for her, look out world!

Few things are more important than grandchildren fighting over your lap.


jellyhead said...

Few things are sweeter than an adoring grandmother!

Motherkitty said...

Beautiful granddaughter, and very talented, I might add. I especially liked the description of her singing ability.

I had written you a long reply and thought I had posted it to your previous post on the grasses and pansies. Somehow it didn't post and was lost in the ether.

Anyhow, thanks for your kind remarks about my Christmas letter. Yes, this will go out with some modifications to our family and friends this year. I do a letter every year. It is easier than doing cards and more fun.

BTW, I wrote Jellyhead that I went to the MD yesterday because I'm still not well (it's down in my lungs now). He diagnosed mycoplasma pneumonia. And now daughter's husband is exhibiting the same symptoms and probably got it from me over Thanksgiving. This will probably put a damper on having company for Christmas, but hopefully the meds my MD prescribed with shorten this latest bit of bad luck.

I really, really enjoyed the pictures and description of your trip to the Smokies. One time we were on our way to Philadelphia for my nephew's wedding and we decided to drive up through the Shenandoah Valley and into PA. We were so impressed that we thought we would drop everything and just move there. We are still in Kentucky for some reason. Must be the grandkids.

Finn said...

What a beautiful granddaughter!! A blessing for sure...and sound so talented, what more could we want...good health, and a happy child. You are blessed!