Saturday, December 24, 2005

Home for the Holidays

Buddy's family have always celebrated on Christmas Eve with family, neighbors, and friends since he and his sisters were young and growing up. I have heard stories of the great get-togethers at their house in Atlanta. But this was all before my time. 1973 was my first Christmas Eve experience with my new family, and the first one spent by all the family at Tumblin Waters in the newly finished upstairs living room (just days after Kay's wedding), a tradition that continues on to this day.

It started out with just the folks - Inez and Felton, and of course Two Mama. And their 3 kids and spouses, and the only grandchild, little Jenny. Every year or so there would be someone new - babies (Heidi, Melissa, Ethan, Michelle, Carrie). The granddaughters starting bringing boyfriends and then husbands (Tracy, Andy, Jack, Ryan, Keith, Billy). Of course, this brought the next generation of babies (Justin, Jesse, Kyle, Cody, Madison, Lil' Jack, and this year - brand new Jacob!), new family additions (Sarah, Racheal), close neighbors (Robert and Asta), and numerous other friends or roommates that have visited with us.

Over the years there would occasionally be a missing place around the tree, first Two Mama, then Aunt Bess, Asta, Robert, and finally the main folks, Felton and Inez. That makes us the oldest generation now (how did that happen?) But that didn't stop the family gatherings.

We come from next door, down the road, across the county, the neighboring county, the next state, and Ethan makes the trip all the way from Europe - no matter where any of us are living at the time, we all manage to make it 'Home for the Holidays' to spend Christmas Eve with the whole family. Our niece, Heidi, has the house now, and she makes sure that we all still continue on the tradition of Christmas Eve at Tumblin Waters. Right now we are cooking and getting gifts ready to head next door, looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Here's hoping all of our family and friends have a very Merry Christmas, from our house to yours!


doubleknot said...

Merry Christmas - may the blessings of the season fill you with joy.
Thanks for the happy birthday.

Finn said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful Susan. What a blessing to be part of that family..*VBS* In the time span of your marriage and mine, so much has changed in the way families gather, or don't.

It's refreshing and reassuring to hear somewhere, someone still keeps that kind of tradition alive. Thank you for sharing..*S*