Monday, December 26, 2005

Bears, bears, everywhere!

Since our kids are all grown and moved out, we are no longer awakened before daybreak to see what Santa brought. So we enjoy a leisurely morning, sleeping in, drinking our coffee, and looking forward to all the kids and grandkids coming to visit later in the day.

This Christmas morning, I was enjoying dozing in and out snuggled down in the flannel sheets. Buddy asked how I slept, did I want to get up and get coffee? Not yet, thanks. A few minutes later he said, Aren't you tired of laying around? No, not yet. Finally he said don't you want to see what Santa brought? I told him Santa doesn't come here anymore, didn't he remember that? But by that time, I had to get up to see what the excitement was all about.

Sure enough, Santa had been here! There were teddy bears all over the couch, floor, TV, tables, all set up carefully by a very special Santa. I now have a collection of 64 Boyd's bears along with a few kitties, bunnies, and some ceramic bears! Needless to say, it was a very Beary Merry Christmas at our house. Thanks Santabuddy!


jellyhead said...

All I can say is, your hubby must love you beary much (he he!)

doubleknot said...

So sweet - you have a very thoughtful hubby.