Friday, November 11, 2005

On the road again...

Going camping! We have been camping forever, and loving it. Our first camping trip was on our honeymoon in '73, two weeks in a compact car with a tent, sleeping bags, Coleman stove, etc., going cross country to Colorado! That was the beginning of my love for camping. We headed out, traveling through the mountains of Tennessee, Kentucky, into the plains, through miles and miles of cornfields in Kansas, before finally spotting the Rocky Mountains in the distance. It was overcast when we arrived at our campground near Colorado Springs. Buddy had been out to this same area two years before with his best friend, Chuck, and he had been telling me of the awesomeness of the Rockies. We set up camp late one evening with a great view of the mountains. The mountains were definitely bigger than our Appalachians, but I was not as impressed as I was expecting, given the big buildup. The next morning the skies cleared and we came out our tent door to see the same range of mountains we had seen the evening before, which magically turned into just foothills before our eyes. Our eyes were drawn upward as the real peaks of the Rockies revealed themselves towering over us, having been hidden by the clouds. The massive grandeur had been there all the time, with just a curtain of mist between us. We could literally look out our tent door at Pike's Peak (over 14,000 feet high). It was definitely an awesome experience (seeing the Rockies and the honeymoon!)

We have tried a variety of camping shelters over the years, tents, pickup truck camper, motorhome, and now we are trying a travel trailer. We haven't been camping much lately, only twice this year back in the spring. It is great fun, sitting around the campfire, hiking, enjoying being away from home. We are heading out for a long weekend to the Smoky Mountains, and this is the song we sing as we drive out the road....

On the road again
Goin' places that I've never been
Seein' things that I may never see again,
Just can't wait to get on the road again.

(sung much better by Willie Nelson)


doubleknot said...

Is it too late to hitch a ride? (just kidding). Used to love camping with my Aunt and Uncle - my exhubby wasn't into it too much but went anyway. We took went through trying to sleep in the truck, a camper and a tent.
I remember when we bought the tent my aunt said to water proof it so I had it in the yard spraying it with that water retarded stuff - I had to go in the house for something and when I came out the tent was gone! The wind had picked up and since I hadn't staked it down I had to chase it down on five acres of land - now that was funny.
Enjoy your trip.

Alice said...

I hope you enjoy your weekend even more than you expect to. I've not been camping since my days as a Girl Guide (?? years ago). You have an eye and an appreciation of your surroundings that will make any camping trip magical.

jellyhead said...

Have a wild and wonderful weekend!