Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sticks and Stones

Went down to Tumblin Waters, old homeplace of the family, new homeplace of Heidi. Oliver the watchcat eyed me curiously before fleeing.

This is all that's left of the waterwheel at Tumblin Waters. I guess this reinforces what the three little pigs were trying to say,"build with stone, wood doesn't last!"

The waterwheel was built by Felton with help from Buddy and Chuck as teenagers, and we enjoyed it for many years, listening to and watching the water go round it, watching the icicles form, hanging off the wooden wheel.

Wonder when Heidi is going to rebuild the waterwheel?....


susan said...

Heard from Ethan today - IM (10/24)
Ethan says:
I just finished reading your latest blog. My bet is that Heidi does not rebuild the water wheel at least until warmer weather.
Susan says:
I agree, probably never, it will just be a part of history, unless she had an engineer cousin to help...
Ethan says:
A little difficult from a few thousand miles away.
Ethan says:
Oh well...

Heidi said...

Actually, I'd prefer to rebuild the water wheel when it's cold...fewer spiders.

Anyone got the plans for a water wheel? Ahem, Buddy?