Monday, October 24, 2005


Brrr, it's 36 degrees here! Great sleeping weather, snuggling down into the flannel sheets. But you eventually have to get out into the brisk air. This weekend, we put the electric blanket on the bed, got some firewood into the woodbox in the living room, brought in the hummingbird feeders. And last but most painful - turned on the furnace - ouch! With heating oil at over $2 a gallon, I will use that sparingly. I don't want to use the firewood either - it was hard work - but at least it was 'free.' Maybe this cold spell will help the leaves to start turning, as everything is still green here. I like that interim between using the air conditioner and using the furnace best, just open the windows and enjoy the fresh air and enjoy knowing the electric bill will be lower this month. It does not last long enough, though!

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