Tuesday, February 13, 2018

keeping in touch

Wow 22 years, has it been that long since we have seen your smiling face? You were always smiling it seems, at least that's how I remember you. You won't believe all that has been happening here on Burnt Mountain. Of course you know that Heidi is taking good care of the homeplace that you built on Turkey Creek way back in the 50s. Lots of work and love has gone into that house the last few years, and we all love gathering there on Christmas Eve, carrying on the tradition you and Inez started many years ago before there was a house on the creek.

But wait, there's more! Jenny is a grandma, Heidi is a grandma, Sue is a great-grandma, so you know what that makes you - great-great grandpa, and to 3 little ones! Zachary and Jace and Lilianna, such sweet babies that will be playing in the creek and sliding down the waterfalls, just like all the other kids over the years.

We are reminded of your passing every year when the local newspaper or Facebook posts (I know you are saying - what is Facebook?) about the loss of local Deputy Brett Dickey who was killed on the same day that you left us. Those public reminders every year sometimes make me want to say - he's not the only one to be remembered on that day! He was a great guy by all accounts, maybe you met him - you were both at the same funeral home, folks were lined up out the door all to see the fallen deputy. We had to make our way through the crowds just to see you. And the poor florist shop was swamped - the day before Valentine's (the biggest flower day of the year) and the funerals too. Funny the things we remember. Mostly we remember you and how you were always there for all of us and we appreciate it so much, I hope you know that.

More news for you! We all attended a wedding this weekend for your great-grandson Kyle. The place was full of friends and family - Sue's family of 16, along with our 14 (soon to be 15), it was a great celebration. I hope you and Inez had good seats to watch - the rainy ceremony, the kids all dancing, the babies being passed around, it was great fun. Your legacy carries on - did you happen to see Kyle working in the woodshop on the wedding arbor? Now that would make you smile!

Well, I just wanted to check in and let you know we are thinking of you on this day and missing you lots. I hope you have a workshop there to keep you busy. Say HI to Inez for us, til next time…

Papaw Tidwell 07/21/1916 - 02/13/1996

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