Tuesday, May 9, 2017


proud parents of a COLLEGE GRAD!!!

Sarah is a COLLEGE GRAD!!! And today is all about Sarah, so I have to apologize for this detour down memory lane.

The music of our lives.

Nothing quite invokes memories like music,

A song will come on the radio and I will be instantly transported back in time, remembering a certain place or person, and not just memories but emotions come rolling in like the tide.

They say music is one thing that reaches dementia patients, that part of the brain is still there, just waiting to catch a snippet of song from long ago to light up an otherwise blank face.

Songs like 'When a man loves a woman' transport me back to the gym in sock feet slow dancing in the late 60s.

Any John Denver song takes me back to our first apartment in the 70s, long ago youth.

The first chords of How Great Thou Art turns the switch on a scratchy film strip in my head of all the family funerals over the years, you can almost smell the flowers, and see all the cousins.

The wedding march always pulls on your heartstrings. 

And of course there is Pomp and Circumstance, that oh so traditional graduation march, which I heard today, which prompted all these thoughts.

I remember my high school graduation, and all those graduation ceremonies since then with kids and grandkids.

But Sarah is a COLLEGE GRAD!!! And today is all about Sarah so I am sorry to be going down memory lane on your special day. Thanks for the music and the memories and the fun times today. So proud to be a part of this MOMENTOUS DAY!

music makes pictures and often tells stories
all of it magic and all of it true
and all of the pictures and all of the stories
all of the magic, the music is you
~John Denver

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