Monday, March 13, 2017

the big cross

The huge cross (110 feet high) is a local landmark and an icon on the very busy MS Hwy 49, the highway to the gulf coast. 

Located at Berry's Seafood in Florence, MS, the cross was funded by Carroll Berry and erected by Crosses Across America. Berry's Seafood is closed on Sundays.

We like the local fare here much better than LA, locally farm raised crispy fried catfish over mudbugs any day. So if you come to visit us, just look for the cross and we will meet you for some good food. 

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Linda C said...

There is one like it near Effingham, IL on I-57. I am actually a bit ambivalent about it. Yes, it is a Glory to God our creator and represents His greatest gift to mankind but I think of how many people in need could be fed, clothed and cared for instead with those monies.