Wednesday, January 11, 2017

library card

I collect library cards. In our travels, we visit the local library, tell the folks that we are in the area temporarily, and they almost always graciously give us a library card. We both have Kindles and rarely check out a real book, so we can check out all the ebooks we want. Different parts of the country offer different books, so the selection is awesome!

All of our libraries use the Overdrive platform to download ebooks.  That is until now…

Just arriving in Mississippi, went to the local library and got a card, came home, clicked on the library web-site, no Overdrive. A new platform, Axis360. No downloads, just streaming books through their APP which can be used on phones or desktop computers or the newest Kindle Fire. No access at all for older generation Kindles. And no downloads at all, just streaming? Which means you must have unlimited internet access, wifi, data… what is up with that?

Several Google searches found that this is becoming more and more popular with libraries as it is cheaper than Overdrive. Fingers crossed on all of our other libraries staying with the oldschool method.

Right now we have library cards at:

Georgia Download Destination (statewide)
Sequoyah Regional Library System (local to Ellijay)
Tennessee Reads (statewide)
Kentucky Libraries Unbound (statewide)
Rapid City Public Library, South Dakota
Bayouland E-LibraryLouisiana
Central Mississippi Regional Library System

I went back to the library here in Florence, MS and they confirmed my findings. So I asked if they had any audio books there in the library by Mississippi local, Jerry Clower. He is one of Buddy's favorites and there are a lot of his audio books sitting on our shelves back in Georgia. The clerk said no audio books, but there was a biography in hardback available.

So I am now reading the 1975 Ain't God Good! By Jerry Clower of Mississippi, signed by the author. It ain't the same as listening to his voice but it is still good. 

If you have never heard any of Jerry's stories about growing up in Mississippi, you must make the time, audio is best, actually here is a link to one:

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