Wednesday, December 21, 2016

a Christmas poem

a Christmas poem/family letter by Madison

Twas the year of 2016, when all through the US,
The Scott family was living their lives to the fullest.
The family each living where they would best succeed,
In hopes that all their dreams would be achieved.

The children wrestled with their busy lives,
While Mom & Dad were hoping we’d thrive.
And Mom in her tacky sweater, and Dad wanting to go fishing,
Had completed another year of empty nesting.

When in Kennesaw, Sarah fills out applications for work,
Spring graduation approaches and we all go berserk,
Away to Disney Matt & Sarah went for a short time,
Matt now works at Automated Logic and this needs to rhyme.

The moon on the roof of Kyle & Allison’s new home,
Revealed Kyle’s urge to not roam.
After a work trip off to the west coast,
Kyle realized he loved Georgia the most.

As she explores life & spreads her wings
To Jasper Racheal moved all of her things.
She finds happiness working with food,
Her dog, Mila, and cat, BoJack, think Isaiah is one cool dude.

“Now, Sarah! Now, Kyle! Now, Racheal and Madison!
On, Matt! On, Allison! On Isaiah and Curren!
To Kennesaw, Georgia! To Tuscaloosa, Alabama!
Roll Tide, Roll Tide, and Rammer Jammer!”

As Madison begins her break from school,
She reminisces over how this year was pretty cool.
Swimming with manatees, being an orientation leader, and going skydiving,
She’s onto her next adventure and thriving.

And then, in a twinkling, Thanksgiving drew near,
The family came together only a few times this year.
As we all grow up and live life on our own,
The love of being a child again has really shown.

We all dress in aprons as we make our annual Christmas treats,
Taking breaks to stare at our phones & eat all the sweets.
As I settle on the couch after a moving back here,
I may or may not have shed a few tears.

The tree how it twinkled! The decorations how merry!
Being an adult is actually kind of scary!
With a family like this, it’s easy to be happy,
Sorry, this letter is getting pretty sappy.

2016 has had a few bumps and roadblocks,
Mom got laid off, which sucked, but got a new job, which rocks!
She remodeled her home office which made her smile,
Let’s see if the house will stay the same for a while.

The empty nester’s itch made Mom & Dad stir crazy,
So they tried new things and tried not to be lazy.
A few vacations and trips helped calm the itch,
If you want to try out Cryology, they might give you the pitch.

This year has been filled with family weddings and new babies,
Now Mom & Dad are itching for grandbabies.
Don’t worry about that, it’s not going to happen for a while,
But who knows maybe the first will come from Kyle.

If you enjoy the updates, don’t worry they can come year round,
Madison & Sarah both have writings to be found!
I hope you’ve enjoyed this year’s letter,
Hopefully next year it’ll only get better!

As the Scott family all returns home for the holidays,
We look back on the events of 2016 in a daze.
Oh, yeah, let’s not forget that Mom hit a deer.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a happy New Year!

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motherkitty said...

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year (welcome 2017), love the poem, and happy to keep up with your family doings and goings on. Laurel D.