Sunday, November 27, 2016

just one more slice of pie

sometimes we forget to be thankful

sometimes we are thankful to be forgetful 

Kay: Those pies look so good, could I have just a sliver of pecan pie?

Ken: You already had a whole slice of pecan pie with ice cream on top and a sliver of pumpkin.

Kay: (looking doubtful at him) no, I don't think I have had any pie yet... 

Kay, what is that on your purse?

She looked closer and read it out loud, I am a Georgia Voter

So did you vote in the election?

Yes I did.

Who did you vote for?

mmm (thinking) well it was the Democrat but I don't remember his name


oh it was a woman? that's good! (face lights up)

yes it was! girl power! but she lost

(face falls) oh well at least she tried

We are thankful to have Thanksgiving with the family once again. It is usually the same - the same food, same place, same sentiment.

But each year there are differences. The kids and grandkids are now cooking and bringing covered dishes to granma's house. We had some new dishes this year - pecan pie, shepherd's pie, ratouille.

The youngest in the family is 19 and full of excitement and adventure and plans for the future. The eldest is 74 and wishes she could remember being that young, you see our sister Kay is struggling with memory.

But we remember for her, reminding her of how she used to be young and full of passion to save the world, a champion for kids and animals, how she used to be a social worker at the Family and Children Services and at the nursing home. 

We told the story of Thanksgiving 1973 when she brought her new fella to dinner, how they met when he turned up her driveway on his motorcycle. Kay: "Yes it was the motorcycle that did it for me". Ken: "The day that I made a wrong turn." It is fun to remember and to tell the stories for Kay. 

We are thankful that Kay still remembers us, thankful for Kennon who takes care of her, makes sure she takes her meds, fixes her meals, and everything else he does. 

sometimes we forget to be thankful

sometimes we are thankful to be forgetful

to forget that you already had pie

to forget who won the election

yes, it actually sounds like a wonderful world to live in, Kay, go ahead and have another piece of pie

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