Saturday, October 15, 2016

turkey encounters

We saw lots of turkeys - on the side of the road and behind the wheel. Encounters also included bears and elk and Floridiots... oh my

A trip to the Smokies includes going through the Nantahala gorge - 24 miles of narrow two lane road with no place to pass, so whoever you are behind when entering the gorge you will still be behind on the way out. We sized up the folks ahead of us as the 4 lanes narrowed to 2 at Andrews NC, the car ahead of us had a NY tag - and I have to hand to them, the Yankees did pretty well, handling the curves and hills with ease.

We were pleasantly surprised when our directions to Cataloochee took us onto the Blue Ridge Parkway - another two lane narrow curvy road. The tag in front of us this time set the tone for the trip, Oh No! Not the white with green numbers and big citrus fruit in the middle, yep Florida drivers, affectionately dubbed Floridiots.  Sometimes frustrating to drive behind, often entertaining, you just gotta back off and give them room because there is no telling what they will do. I am sure these folks are good drivers in their native state where the roads are flat and straight and wide, but when they come to the mountains, look out. They are never good with curves as there are apparently none in Florida, the brake lights are off and on like strobe lights. Then OMG a tunnel - you would have thought it was the end of the world. Brakes slammed on, car swerves, finally easing tentatively into the black hole. Cars coming toward us with lights on and horns blaring, great fun! The poor flatlanders ahead finally found their headlight switch about the time they popped out into the sunshine again. We were rolling with laughter, then 3 more tunnels in a row, poor folks.

Then there are the ones, no matter where they are from, who are possibly intelligent folks the rest of the time, but at the first sight of wildlife - they lose all common sense. They stop in the middle of the road, no they PARK in the middle of the road, get out, walk around, taking pictures. We came upon a bona fide bear jam at one point, please if you must stop, approach the bear, feed the bear, whatever, just pull over to the side of the road, is that too much to ask? Geesh people we see bears on our back porch!

Yes we saw a bear or two, some elk, and lots of turkeys - on the side of the road and behind the wheel.

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