Sunday, September 11, 2016

hair thoughts

the evolution of hair

going through old pictures this morning

do you like your hair, does anyone ever?
I used wish I had naturally curly hair so it could just be…
but folks with curly hair say oh no you don't want this stuff

Toni perm 2-pack

but folks with curly hair want straight hair
you would think straight hair would be easy


like the look in my senior pic, easy, right? do you know what went into that look?
wash hair in shower at night before bed, because you couldn't wait til morning, the only hair dryer around was the big clunky hood to sit under

roll it up on curlers held in with bobby pins or those awful brush rollers with the pink plastic pins, ouch! and of course Dippity-Do to hold everything in place, sleep on it overnight, some girls even used orange juice cans, folks today won't know what that means

get up the next morning for school, take the hair down and hope it isn't all cattywompus, work with it til time for the bus

I've tried it all, short, long, straight, curly, shaggy, and of course the ever popular ponytail, the ultimate fix for a bad hair day

and what about bangs? what trouble those are, they had a mind of their own

back in school I tried using scotch tape on my bangs overnight, only to pull it off in the morning and have a tape line, I saw later that they invented hair tape - hey that was my idea

on to eyebrows, what is up with them? 

my granddaughter takes half an hour to put on her makeup with special attention to the eyebrows, but look at the results :)

speaking of eyebrows, nowadays mine are going all crazy on me, another perk of old age

I bet I could tape them down overnight

I wonder if they still make that hair tape

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