Sunday, July 3, 2016

growing family

Family baby shower! Buddy's sister Sue will be a great-grandmother :)

I have never been to a coed baby shower before and was kind of skeptical but it was lots of fun, lots of food and family and friends. The usual silly baby shower games (which the guys tried to avoid) were a big hit also. Congratulations to Jesse and Leah. Heidi did the math and says I will be a great-great aunt!

the blindfold try to diaper the baby contest... 
all went well until Uncle Buddy jumped in :)

the blindfold taste the baby food game - 
got a lot more fun when the guys did the feeding :)

lots of presents with the superhero theme and a new twist - Leah had requested that instead of spending $3-$5 on a card, get a book instead, so now little Zachary has a stack of books to read :)

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