Thursday, June 16, 2016

retirement planning

retirement fantasy planning

Buddy has his countdown going on - 3 years 4 months - and is actively looking at retirement planning. There are online calculators from banks and AARP in which to plug your numbers (estimated bills, income from social security and/or 401-k accounts).

There is a lot of research to do on Medicare, when to sign up, which plan to pick, whether to get a secondary insurance. A lot of work.

But we have also been watching shows on television like Log Cabin Living and Fixer Upper… saying things like 'that would be nice' and 'we could do that to our house'

Our house is 40 this year! There have been a few minor remodels over the years, and some major projects like the new roof, deck, and the kitchen redo a few years ago. The joys of home ownership (JOHO) is ongoing, always something to fix or add or replace. 

So far we have a list of several things that we will/might do to the house at some point. Things that should have been done long ago like replacing the 1970s orange shag carpet upstairs, and replacing the paneling in our bedroom, and something that would just be nice - moving the laundry room out of the basement to the main level.

So we have to work to pay for these remodels. Always something.

Anyone have any retirement planning advice? 

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tuffenuf-comments said...

Travel and see this beautiful county while you are still young and in good health! I am happy with Medicare, it pays 80% of everything. If you get a supplement there are lots of choices on Retire and work when you want to!