Wednesday, May 18, 2016


cattails at the little creek (this is where I see the 2 snakes sunning sometimes) eek!

the old dance barn is just so darn photogenic

and the back lot looks a lot like ours at home, 
stuff saved forever in case you might need it someday

My morning stroll around the campground, lots to see. It is nice and quiet here Mondays through Thursdays, then there is the weekend... these Cajun folks really like to party! They have a great attitude on life and what is important. 

Even though we are full-timers here at the campground, we have had to move a couple of times. The weekenders have priority, a lot of return business and they like to reserve certain sites for their big families. And their golf carts... 

It is fun to just sit out and watch the campground fill up starting on Thursday afternoon. Last week there was this huge motorhome pulling a jeep pulling a trailer. A lot of times there will be a truck pulling a camper pulling a trailer (for the golf cart). These folks cannot live without their golf carts, used to cruise around the campground, used to drive up to the beach for swimming. This is the only place we have ever experienced this phenomenon. You never see anyone walking, just riding, too funny :)

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Gypsy Quilter said...

That's quite a party train. Good thing there's plenty of space to park.